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TH: My day just got worse…


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Teen Wolf season 4 midseason trailer.

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Teen Wolf boys wearing glasses! 😁👓

Interviewer: Tyler, can you talk about Derek and Braeden and their developing relationship?

Hoechlin: What do you wanna know?

Interviewer: I wanna know any like cute moments? I saw in the trailer you guys were kissing a lot -

Hoechlin: (laughing) Ah, well it happens! I guess I can probably tease on that now, seeing as how it’s pretty much out there. 

Yeah, I would say there’s a lot forming between the two of them. Um, hopefully it’s a much more successful relationship than the previous two. Those both went terribly wrong, so -


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All right. I’m not against a little quid pro quo. Not at all. Nothing at all.

I like parrish.
I’m gonna keep him.

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happy 49th birthday joanne rowling! [31 july 1965]

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Can you imagine what’s going through his head right now? The dead pack - essentially a dead family - killed because they’re werewolves. A whole deadpool of supernatural creatures because they’re different. Can you imagine what he’s thinking about, his family, dead because they were werewolves. Dead because of a prejudice hunter? This must be hell, torture, the memories and the guilt. The pain. Look at his face, he’s feeling everything right now. 

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Tyler Hoechlin and his goddamn infuriating central heterochromia

Art thou eyes madeth by the fine angels of the heavens?

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